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Thank you-Bunyonyi Safaris

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This is  a romantic ending.I had last seen Charlotte Kanabahita in 1987 at Makerere University,Kampala Uganda.We met as 14/15 year old students at Gayaza High School in 1979.We lived in the same dormitory Cox Wing A.

She was a class below me but we followed the same school path until our degrees.At boarding school you are each other’s support through thick and thin,you grow  and mature through the challenges of the teenage years.You see and spend time with each other more than your parents in a year.Our lives took different directions after that.She lives in Uganda and I have been living in the UK since 1990.Thanks to FACEBOOK I caught up with Charlotte as owner and managing Director of Bunyonyi safaris in 2010.On a visit to Uganda after 10 years,I am delighted to have taken my children and my Mother on a safari at Murchsion Falls National Park in North-Central Uganda and stayed at Paraa Safari Lodge, and a one day tour of the Buganda Kingdom Cultural  sites with Bunyonyi Safaris……fantastic

uganda2012 196

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Author: lubega1

Among other things an aspiring UK based African writer with particular interest in African/Western cultural divide..

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