Juliet Lubega

Caught up in time and distance?


She stared at the ceiling long and hard. The multi coloured butterfly was flapping its wings while moving around the translucent bulb. It was hot and sunny outside, the winter and cold had dragged on and on longer than normal. Summer was now here bringing with it her memories of her holiday to Uganda six months ago.

She had been single for while now. Her children were on top of her list and she wanted to do things her way, when and how she wanted. Until now she had never considered letting anyone else into her life. Something had certainly changed in the last few hours she had spent in Uganda.

She flew to Uganda with no intentions of seeing him. They had last seen each other over ten years ago on a family holiday; they both had partners and children. During this time, they a few dates and enjoyed the friendship they had many years ago with small talk. Since then they had not been in touch, and for her, it seemed the chapter had finally closed.

It was getting dark; the road was busy as people were heading back from the New Year’s Day celebrations. The day had passed by her and she had spent it in a quiet corner of her home, her head buried in books and busy revising for her upcoming A Level exams in March. She had to get into Makerere University and be counted among Africa’s elite. It had been her long term ambition, it was now in touching distance and nothing was going to stand in the way. If she passed, in September she would be at Campus, living it up.

At dawn she decided to get some fresh air and took a solitary walk to the main road.  She met a girlfriend, and while they stood at the road side talking, a white mini bus stopped besides them with two people in it. She knew the passenger and was pleased to see him. While she talked to him, the driver looked at her intently. She felt his gaze like a hot sensation run through her body. There was something about him she couldn’t put a finger on, he was dark with deep set eyes, tall and had an air of authority over him. She looked at him through the corner of her eye, petrified and wondering why she felt drawn to him

She tried to divert the attention to the passenger by asking about his wife. Instead he offered to take her to his house to see his family. Her girlfriend looked bemused and whispered quickly, ’get in, this boy is famous’.

‘Famous’ the words echoed in her ears as they drove off. She was in this car to see the family of the passenger. She didn’t know the driver. Being picked up on streets by men was certainly not in the Gayaza High School code of conduct. Her mind was set on her exams and Makerere; she did not feel any room in her heart for a man or a relationship. Famous or not, who was he any way? She had certainly missed something growing up in this area because she did not know him.

January 2013.She spent a month in Uganda trying very hard not to contact him. She left his phone number in London and when her nephew mentioned his name unknowingly. She just smiled “Oh I know him”. “Do you know him Auntie? Her nephew asked. “I knew him long before you were born” she said. Deep in her heart she wished they could meet up. How much she could tell her nephew? Did she know him as the famous person her nephew and everyone in Uganda knew? Perhaps not, he was her teenage sweet heart, the 19 year old young man she met besides the road on New Year’s Day in 1984.

Their relationship seemed special; they always had time to be with each other without appointment or planning, in different towns, countries or decades. This time she did not want to meet a married man when she was single. It didn’t feel right. She was single and he was ‘married’ or she thought. They haven’t seen or heard from each other since 2001. Did he even want to see her?

From previous conversations she came to know that her nephew worked for him some causal hours, and had his telephone number. Fate, coincidence, luck or meant to be?

After much deliberation she asked her nephew to phone him, hours before her return flight to London. More fate, coincidence, luck or meant to be? He was 5 minutes away from them.

The meeting was brief but possibly the start she wanted, especially as she found out he was single moments later. Back in London, they caught up on Facebook.

Lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling, she can now see the meaning of every conversation they have had since. Miles apart but close at heart. The question is where these feelings caught up in time and distance?


Author: lubega1

Among other things an aspiring UK based African writer with particular interest in African/Western cultural divide..

5 thoughts on “Caught up in time and distance?

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    • Thank you for reading rys. I dont think there any straight answers,it is all up in the air.The children should take priority.It also depends on what the two adults want in a relationship under the circumstances.


  2. I just love it.please keep those writings coming.I always look forward .


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