Juliet Lubega

Through the dark.



My head felt heavy. The wind was blowing and rustling against the long dark green banana leaves. I felt the chills against my ear and pulled the blanket over. I heard footsteps thundering behind me. As they got closer they became heavier. I turned to look behind but my neck hurt.

I took a glimpse of the shadowy figure, a tall man walking in long rhythmical strides. His face was blurred with only a set of white teeth shinning through a wide smile. He was holding a big stick in his right hand.

With my feet feeling heavy and unbalanced, I staggered to the twin banana trees on my left. My foot sunk in the soft and muddy ground. I slipped and grabbed the stem of the tree, looking up to the large leaves spreading out like protective arms. Drops of water scattered over my face. The footsteps were getting nearer and heavier. I could hear heavy gulps of breath behind me.

The plantation consisted of rows and columns of banana trees. A ray of sun penetrated through the dark green blanket of leaves. My families’ graves lying below them, serene. I looked at them. “Dad was never buried. He is not here”

The attendant was chopping wood at the far end. The noise cutting through the still and silent atmosphere. I tried to scream but felt a lump in my throat.

I held my bed sheets tight and felt my palms sweating as I jumped onto my sister’s grave. I stopped and turned around, and stood akimbo, ready to face him. The man came closer and his face became clear.”Dad I thought you were dead. You look smart. I never saw you wearing jeans”

He grimaced, and raised the stick in front of my face.

 “Dad please, don’t hit me”

I opened my eyes to the sound of rain outside my bedroom window and wiped my fore head.


©Juliet Lubega (unpblished 2013)


Author: lubega1

Among other things an aspiring UK based African writer with particular interest in African/Western cultural divide..

2 thoughts on “Through the dark.

  1. Hey! nightmares scare me! It’s great that you emit that fear through your writing. Try selling to films?


  2. Thanks for commenting Cathy.I havent sold anything to anyone.I am just selling my name for now.I am glad you like it.It is my first attempt at dreams and fear.


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