Juliet Lubega

Being a baked bean-what next?


I couldn’t see who was below or above me for it was dark. I then heard a cranky noise above, in slow and swift motion. One, two, three, four, I counted in my head as it became louder and louder with each turn. Slowly and steadily the light appeared. I could see a solid piece of metal with a sharp end piercing the roof top. A hairy hand with contoured wrinkles and large solid fingers gripped the two metal rods. I started to smell fried bacon. As the top lifted the sizzle of the fry became more audible.
I felt frightened of what was to come once I was out of this tin.”You cannot trust humans” I murmured. I mulled over all options. I could end up in a pan next to that bacon feeling hot or in a bowl in the fridge freezing. Either way I will be eaten, if not today, tomorrow or the day after. I preferred that to being wasted as a left over or a rot and thrown away in the garbage among strangers.
I felt the tin lift off the bottom and swing in the air. The grip around it felt heavy, it turned the tin into a slant and I looked on as my mates were rapidly being poured onto a plate next to the steamy bacon. Just as my turn came and I was thinking “this is it, I am for eating” the tin was turned to pour into a plastic bowl.
I had a glimpse of my master, a man with a beard and moustache. He had deep set brown eyes and his hair looked scruffy. He smelt fresh like he was just out the shower. I looked into his eyes pleading for mercy but deep down I knew I had no choice; my fate was in his hands.
I glanced sideways and through the bowl and saw the tin, my previous home; ‘Heinz Beanz’, the bold white letters standing against a black and turquoise blue backdrop. I wished I was back in there, safe in the darkness.


©Juliet.Lubega (unpublished 2014


Author: lubega1

Among other things an aspiring UK based African writer with particular interest in African/Western cultural divide..

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  1. You are doing a brilliant job. Thank you very much for the follow. I appreciate it.

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