Juliet Lubega

Only Once


Juliet Lubega

Lusse put his hand on the silver plated handle and pressed it down slowly. It stopped and squeaked,  it was locked. With a squint in his left eye, he bent his head to look into the key hole, the key was sitting there, quiet like a stubborn child on a naughty step and oblivious to what had just happened. It stood between them.

He just wanted that opportunity to look into her eyes and say “sorry”. He knew it was just a word but he had to say it before he proved it. Sweat trickled down behind his right ear. He felt like his world had collapsed around him.

“Open the door please, Regina let me explain”, he shouted. He usually called her Reggie ,but today was not the day.

He pulled out a bunch of keys from his left trouser pocket. His bedroom ,office and car keys bundled up…

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Author: lubega1

Among other things an aspiring UK based African writer with particular interest in African/Western cultural divide..

2 thoughts on “Only Once

  1. Thanks for writing and by so doing inspiring writers such as myself! Light and Love, Shona

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