Juliet Lubega


Sezibwa Falls, Uganda -The hidden treasure

From an unassuming right turn off Jinja Road, we drove into an earth (murram) road flanked by sugar cane spread out like a thick green blanket. Behind the sugar plantation we took a left down a steep hill onto a dead end. In the right hand corner is this spread of beauty.

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We arrived to a peaceful and quiet and relaxing atmosphere with beautiful gardens. The still atmosphere interrupted by the sound of the falling waters.

 Water particles filled the air adding freshness to the surrounding ancient trees.

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  Surrounded in mystery and bound by tradition Sezibwa Falls is Uganda’s hidden treasure. This breathtaking water spectacle falls over 7 meters over steep sharp rocks forming a small lake below.

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 River Sezibwa continues its journey to Lake Kyoga in central Uganda; it is merely a trickle of stream with a visible river bed at this point

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 This beautiful enclosure is owned by the Kingdom of Buganda.It is a  tourist attraction but of cultural significance to the Kings(Kabaka) and chiefs of the Kingdom.

The tree behind the shelter was planted by Kabaka Mwanga in the 1800s

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Hippos in the Murchsion Falls National Park


Hippopotamus , Africa’s aquatic mammals, moving with grace, their enormous bodies rubbing against the deep waters of the majestic   River Nile. Eyes on top of their heads and ears above their eyes, they greet the boats as they glide past full of tourists armed with cameras and binoculars. They seek coolness from the scorching sun above, and the graceful waves provide the  much needed moisture as they wade past . These river horses are a spectacle and a delight to watch.

In the Murchsion Falls National Park,Uganda


Juliet Lubega (unpublished 2013)