Juliet Lubega

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Angry Stare

Your eyes are hollow and distant.

I can see them filling

Misty and teary

I can read their story

Between the lines of their glare

In black and white they stare


Your eyes balls stay still

Without a flicker

The eye lashes stand tall

I feel the fire of anger


Your nose points straight

Like the pointing finger

Accusing a minger


It seems I am a stranger

From a world up yonder

Not the person of your heart’s desire

The one you told to love for ever


©Juliet Lubega (unpublished 2016)






When you smile
Your eyes sparkle
The cheeks arise
Dimples dig deep
The teeth glitter

You feel whole
The entire world
Smells of roses

In that bubble
When you smile
You feel content

©Juliet.Lubega (unpublished 2015)


Free at last

She runs as far as her mind can take
She digs far deep into her memory
In search of the good times they shared
It is dark and bleak, cold and icy
Her heart feels heavy at every beat

She runs away from the sound of his voice
Her feet feel heavy with every step
The light fades with every step she takes
She cannot remember the last time he laughed
The man she once loved with all her heart
Is now a stranger is all she can see

The stars twinkle in the sky
They sparkle straight into her heart
Her teeth sparkle as she smiles
Tears trickle down her cheek
She knows they are tears of joy
She is free at last from his grip


©Juliet Lubega (unpublished 2014)

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The storm

The storm is brewing in the sky
The wind hurls and leaves sway
Thunder rumbles
And grumbles away

Lightning flashes
Straight into my heart
My heart beats like the nankasa drum
Sweat trickles down my cheek

Dark clouds march on
Chasing the time
The sun drifts away
Like the times we shared

The storm is brewing in my heart
I feel the pain like it is yesterday
Why you left is not for me to say
Such is life is all I can say

©Juliet.Lubega (unpublished 2014)


The Promise

The wind blows, the memories raise
The waves swing right into my heart
My teenage dream begins to shine

I never believed the words he said
A promise which was beyond his years
I left the land without a word

Beyond the seas I started to doubt
Day and night, the years rolled by
I never forgot the promise he made

I often wondered what it will be like
To share the dream close by his side
And close my eyes next to his warmth

Among the palm trees now I stand
The waves swing beyond the skyline
They hit the beach just like his touch
Then I recall the day we met
The giggles of our teenage years

The memories feel fresh like the wind
Now I know that he was right
About the promise he made with love
To stand by me whatever it takes.

©Juliet Lubega (unpublished 2014)


Little brother

As the curtain draws

The memories surface

The baby I held in my arms

Our childhood laughter

Through good and bad times

A bond held us together

As brother and sister


The times we fell out

The times we made up

You looked up to me

Little did you know

You were my rock

My ever flowing river

Of love and comfort


Now that you are gone

The smiling faces your children

Hold the bond between us

Their angelic voices call


I will forever be Senga, father’s sister


Juliet Lubega (unpublished 2013)



My grandfather’s house

My grandfather’s house

Still stands in gracious solitude

Holding an air of authority over us

Guarding the secrets of his mind

Reminding us of his love


Heavy rains come and go

The winds blow east and west

It stands firm against the odds

Rising above the times of old

Like his firm hand still holds


His children watch it with respect

It holds their untold childhood tales

The grand children admire its strength

Great grandchildren run around it

Like the great grandfather they never met


Moons ago he said his final goodbyes

To the house he built with pride

He left it to us to decide its fate

As he looks down from the stars above

He smiles down that it still stands


I wish I knew how old it is

I wish I knew how it was built

Even in a far away land

In a life far from its own

In my heart it still stands.


Juliet Lubega (unpublished 2013)